Robert Pattinson Is All For ‘The Hunger Games’

Robert Pattison thinks The Hunger Games will deliver.  “It will be a good movie,” he told Entertainment Weekly.  “I sort of came across it last year, and I didn’t realize it was the most enormous thing in the year.”  Pattinson is part of a rather enormous franchise stemming from the success of Young Adult fiction, so he’s confident this film adaptation will succeed.  With Jennifer Lawrence locked in to play Katniss, the role of Peeta has still not been cast.  Previous rumors swirled about Alex Pettyfer and Hunter Parish appearing on the short list, but potential names has changed frequently as of late.

Asked if whether he’d be a part of something as big as Twilight in the future, Pattinson had to think before he answered.  His response made me like the British dreamboat even more than I already do.  Pattinson said,

“The only horrible thing about being part of a franchise…well, not horrible…no, it is horrible…is that the bigger and bigger you get, it’s quite difficult to break out of stuff. When you’ve been playing the same part, you can’t suddenly start playing it differently. It takes away a little bit of the creative kind of … urge.”

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His next role opposite Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants (out April 22nd) might help Pattinson to break away even further from the Edward Cullen stigma.  Pattinson, on the LA set for reshoots January 15th, plays a circus veterinarian who falls in love with a married circus performer, played by Witherspoon.