Robert Pattinson Heads Home After His ‘The Rover’ Promotional Tour, Wants To Be ‘Unrelatable’

Sabba Rahbar | June 20, 2014 - 5:30 pm

Robert Suits Up
Robert Pattinson looks handsome for 'Maps to the Stars'
Robert Pattinson looked a little tired last night as he headed back to Los Angeles, and with good reason.

The actor has been on quite the whirlwind tour promoting his newest movie The Rover, and no matter how much fun he had doing it, it was probably very exhausting. And look, he was still nice enough to sign autographs for fans. I love this guy.

Rob has had a string of great interviews during this tour, most recently with Huffington Post

That was where he said the “unrelatable” line. He said of his career, “I think lots of people want to do stuff that’s relatable, and I want to do stuff that’s unrelatable. I don’t think I have particularly normal emotional reactions to things. So trying to play someone who is just a normal guy … I don’t really know how to do it.”

It’s interesting reading this knowing that his first two huge roles were a wizard and a vampire. Not quite normal. Mainstream maybe, but not normal guys. Check out the rest of the interview here, and don’t forget to launch the gallery for some Rob hotness. Oh, and make sure to catch The Rover this weekend.