Robert Pattinson Hangs Out With Some Cows On The Set Of ‘Life’

Rob Pattinson Likes To Party
Robert threw a huge Hollywood party with lots of ladies
So, can we already call Life my new favorite movie of 2015? Is it too soon for that?

I mean, I was all on board with Robert Pattinson in his suave 1950s and Dane DeHaan as James Dean, but I am even more into any movie that makes Robert herd cattle. Cause that’s totally what he’s doing.

The actor was spotted on the Toronto set of his new movie, hanging out with brown cows for some unknown reason. How this fits into the movie, I have no idea. 

But honestly, I do not care because it should be interesting none the less. In case you missed the summary from last time, the movie tells the story of Rob’s Dennis Stock, a photographer for Life Magazine, and the time he spent photographing James Dean.

This should be fun. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Rob on set with his cows. And guys, what are the two sexiest farm animals?