Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum, James McAvoy And More Attractive Men At This Year’s Cannes Film Festival

Sabba Rahbar | May 19, 2014 - 12:30 pm

Are you ready for quite possibly the sexist round up of men you’re going to see all week? That’s what I thought.

Please join me as we get a taste of all the hotness that happened this weekend at the Cannes Film Festival. Seriously, this is a good year at Cannes. I mean, we had Robert Pattinson at two photocalls and two red carpets, Channing Tatum suddenly becoming a real movie star and so much more.

Personally, I’m into all the James McAvoy from the weekend. 

[midpostembed id=”9818366″ type=”gallery” title=”robert pattinson really owns the 1950s look”]You know how I love my McAvoy. Oh! And let’s not forget Ryan Reynolds. One reader mentioned on Facebook that his look is “softer” now and I definitely agree. Softer and way more handsome. Again, he and Ryan Gosling need to start “The Hot Ryans” club, please and thank you.

There were also plenty of attractive men to be seen from Mark Ruffalo to Guy Pearce and everyone in between. Cannes, I love you. Not only do you have amazing movies, but you bring together the hottest of people. Launch the gallery to get your hot man fix for the day. And try not to swoon too hard.

[midpostembed id=”9836823″ type=”gallery” title=”ryan reynolds is hipster chic and super, super sexy”]