Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Caught Kissing! [PHOTOS]

April 18th, 2011 // 11 Comments

Best. Monday. Ever.  Last night Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were snapped stealing a kiss before Stewart realized cameras caught everything.  Don’t worry, Stewart!  We totally don’t mind that you two are smooching.  In fact, we’re all for your public displays of affection.  Look at Pattinson’s huge grin.  Is he the cutest?

PHOTOS: A Tired Kristen Stewart Looks Dazed At LAX

Pattinson brought his famous GF to the New York City premiere of Water For Elephants.  The two were spotted leaving the event and got into a waiting SUV, where they thought the coast was clear to share a kiss.

This is the age of the interweb.  Nothing is sacred.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Linsey

    God, they are just too adorable! They are so happy together and its such a lovely thing to see! Totally adorable!

  2. Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart kissing Water For Elephants
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    This is too cute. AWW i wish someone would look at me this way. Sneaky boy rob going in for a kiss. LoVE IT. Can’t wait to see WFE, looks fantastic, also love reese.

  3. jean

    there’s a vid too&it’s obvious e went in for the kill&she backed away! Stupid girl! LOL!

  4. Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart kissing Water For Elephants
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  5. surrae

    oh my god!!! life is beautiful again- to know that they care for one another!! they
    are so adorable!!! i love them both!!!

  6. Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart kissing Water For Elephants
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    These two young people are precious. Speaking as an “old timer” it’s a blessing to see the devotion and respect between the two. Hopefully, the “rat race of stardom” doesn’t drive a wedge in their relationship. It would be a shame to lose the excitement and love that has developed over the several years they’ve been together.

  7. Char

    OMG!! Pictures of Kristin and Robert AND Jackson and Ashley together, all within a few hours of each other? The Fandom is gonna’ go ballistic!!

  8. Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart kissing Water For Elephants
    Doris Tavarez
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    Everything is all well and done. They are a beautiful couple. But did anyone notice that at the end of the WFE premiere, when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were leaving the theater, Rob shook hands with some poor old man on a bike. He actually took the time to stop and shake his hand and even Kristen smiled at the old man. Hoorah for Rob, I think that was very thoughtful of him to have done this. And no none has said anything about it, no mention what so ever and no acknowledgment.

  9. SohiniPatra

    Robert and Kristen kissing each other. ‘OMG’ I’m so happy.

  10. sameer kashyp

    rob and kristen together i am so happy i wish on place of rob i will be their to get kiss from kristen yar i looooooove kristen she is so sweet and dam gorgeous …… i dream of being her boyfriend……….

  11. kristen stewart is gay

    Kristen Stewart memang wanita jalang dan setengah pelacur. Kenapa dia tidak bisa setia? padahal mereka sudah terlihat komitmen berdua. dasar wanita biadab abad ini.

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