Robert Pattinson And His Many Faces Talk ‘The Rover’, Admits He Almost Knocked Himself Out On Set

Robert looks handsome for The Hollywood Reporter.
Robert Pattinson and his facial expressions attended the “Meet The FilmMakers” event at the Apple Store yesterday. He along with co-star Guy Pearce and director David Michod joined him to speak about their new film, The Rover.

The actor sported a James Dean look, wearing blue skinny jeans, a white tee, and an open plaid shirt. His hair looked like it always does – like he’d just gotten out of bed – but honestly there’s no other way I prefer it!

At the event, the 28-year-old admits that he came close to badly injuring himself while shooting a scene with his co-star! He told the audience:

I like to do anything that allows me having to not act at all, so our first scene when Guy’s throwing me around with the car, I actually almost knocked myself out, letting myself go.

Thank goodness that it didn’t end badly!

It would also appear that Rob is over the Twilight series and is looking to work on bigger and more serious projects. Both films he been working on, The Rover and Maps to the Stars, will appear at Cannes this year, and he seems absolutely delighted!

He said:

I’m really happy these two films got into Cannes, it’s kind of exactly what I wanted. It’s nice – I just get to work with people I’ve wanted to work with for years and years, and just been really lucky in the last year, with this really cool stuff.

We’re happy if you’re happy, Rob! Launch the gallery to check out photos of Robert Pattinson and his adorable faces.