Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off Son Exton, Cuteness Abounds [PHOTOS]

Robert Gets Raunchy
RDJ shows off his underwear at Sherlock Holmes premiere.
Yes! Baby! There are few things better in this world than a Robert Downey Jr. child.

The Iron Man actor was spotted in Miami yesterday (October 4) heading out for a day on the town with wife Susan Downey and their brand new bundle of joy, Exton. Would you just look at how cute this family is.

Robert looked sexy as always in some earthy tones and a funky hat. He’s really the only celebrity I can think of who can consistently pull off a hat. See Exton, these are the things you can look forward to in life!

The Downey clan are currently in Miami while papa Robert shoots the upcoming Iron Man 3. Luckily he seems to be healing quite well from his injuries on set. Could you imagine if he couldn’t’ hold Exton cause he was injured? That’d be rough.

Also, how cute is Exton? I love the orange onesie and the little green shoes. If he grows up to look anything like his father or his older brother (18-year-old Indio from Robert’s’s previous marriage), I’d say we’re gonna have a real heart-breaker on our hands. Launch the gallery to check out the cute Downey family and tell us what you think of Exton!