Robert Downey Jr. Gets Back To Filming On ‘Iron Man 3′ Set After Injury [PHOTOS]

Robert Gets Raunchy
Downey Shows Off His Underwear At Sherlock Holmes Premiere
47-year-old stud Robert Downey Jr. may have suffered an ankle injury while filming the next installment of the Iron Man film series, but that doesn’t stop the man from getting back to work as soon as possible. While filming was delayed for some of Downey’s light stunt work, like hanging from lines in open air and over water, the show is going on as scheduled. Seen here, actor Robert Downey Jr. seems excited to be back to filming Iron Man 3 in Miami, Florida on October 1st. The actor looked to be basking in the sunlight as they resumed production on the Marvel hit franchise.

According to Hypable, Iron Man’s newest suit of armor is still red and gold, as revealed at this year’s Comic Con. But it’s even more awesome looking and seems to feature more complicated style. The new plot rumors to include Iron Man protecting the fictional President in the third film. Too bad Obama couldn’t stand by the Iron badass in the film instead of an actor. That would be too cool.