Robbie Williams Suffers Cracked Knee and Rib, Enjoys Peace

August 7th, 2007 // 6 Comments

The feud that rocked the world has now ended. No, I’m not announcing that peace has finally been definitively established in the Middle East, but it’s nearly as groundbreaking of a truce, when you think about it. Robbie Williams has finally made up with former Take That bandmate, Gary Barlow. The two fell out over Williams’ departure from the boy band so many years ago, to strike out on a solo career. After Robbie left the group, he enjoyed wild success as a solo artist, while Take That faded away into obscurity. But now, it seems that all hard feelings have been left behind.

Barlow told GMTV: “Yes, we met. We had a great chat. He’s really well and we’re good buds again.

“It was the best meet-up we’ve had since 1996.”

That’s awesome, because really, when boy band members fight, we all lose. And here is Robbie, hard at work coaching his soccer team, the LA Vale. Don’t be fooled by the lounging around he’s doing whilst enjoying a cigarette, Robbie would be much happier on the field actually playing.


Find out what’s got Robbie laid up, and check out many more photos of him coaching his soccer team after the jump.

Unfortunately, for the British pop star, a series of injuries are keeping him from doing so.

He says: ” I’m beyond depressed. I’m not playing because of my knee. I’ve been told I’ll be out for one to three months.

“I’m beyond gutted. I’m devastated. And I’ve got a cracked rib. F***.”

This dude needs to be living in a plastic bubble. And always wear bubble-wrap jumpsuits. Actually, that sounds kind of cool, except that I know I’d be tempted to pop all of my clothing.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Persistent Cat

    Not to be lame but that was hilarious “When boy bands fight, we all lose.” Too funny.

  2. JInxy McDeath

    Is it me or does that photo make it look like he’s one of the kids in Big world small people? That is one strange photo of one strange man.

  3. maya

    They always fight and make up. Although Rob is a talented artist, Gary is the mature one with a good head on his shoulders. I just wish Rob would join them on tour for one show- although he would never agree to NOT being in the spotlight!

  4. Courtney

    I hope that when they made up, Robbie said “whatever I said, whatver I did, I didn’t mean it. I just want you back for good.”

  5. Cat

    shudder. he looks like a hairy dwarf in that first pic. to think, i thought he was a hottie once upon a time (back in his take that days).

  6. Marie

    Robbie looks more hot than ever (Cat will you please show us how you look before you criticize other people’s looks).

    Robbie is the talented one. That’s why the other four had to rejoin – they weren’t talented enough to make it on their own. Robbie will never go back to them professionally, because he has his own carreer. His record breaking tour around the world last year (Take That only in Britain), and his 10th solo album proves that. Rudebox has sold more than twice as many copies as Take That’s album worldwide – still the british media thinks Take That is more successful. Funny.

    It’s good that they are friends again though. Robbie and Mark always have been. Good luck to both Robbie and Take That! They are both doing good, but on totally different levels – Take That in Britain and Robbie worldwide.

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