Robbie Williams Now Facing Caffeine Addiction

Robbie Williams may have finished up his treatment for his addiction to prescription drugs last week, but it looks like he may still have a giant, caffeinated monkey on his back. The British pop star has a monster caffeine addiction that sounds painful, even just reading about it.

“Daily, he gets through an incredible 36 super-strength double espresso coffees, 60 Silk Cut cigarettes and around 20 cans of energy drink Red Bull,” reported a British newspaper.

God, just thinking about consuming that much caffeine is going to keep me up all night tonight. Additionally, Dan Stone from the clinic in Arizona where it appears Robbie was treated, talked about the rising trend in caffeine dependency.

“We had someone here, a gentleman who was using Red Bull like crazy,” Stone told us. “We had to detox him from that. I can’t speak medically, but over a long period of time on any stimulant I wonder what kind of effect it would have on the body’s natural drugs used to regulate mood.”

I wonder if they have anything to help someone–A FRIEND, NOT ME–who might perhaps have a problem with watching hours of trashy reality television. I’m not saying MY FRIEND has a problem, but if she did, it would be nice to know there are options.