Robbie Williams Goes Clubbing To Celebrate The End Of His Stay In Rehab

March 7th, 2007 // 6 Comments


On his first day out of the Meadows treatment center in Arizona, Robbie Williams promptly headed back to Los Angeles for some shopping and spent his first night out in clubbing. The Daily Mail reports:

“Robbie was followed closely by several friends as he shopped for over an hour and a half in an upmarket department store. He was approached by two female fans and was happy to pose for photos. He was in great spiri.t

And, according to the publication, the British pop star spent 21 days at Meadows for his addiction to prescription drugs.

Friends revealed the singer had cut himself off from the world and that he was getting through 36 double espresso coffees, 60 Silk Cut cigarettes and around 20 cans of the energy drink Red Bull every day.

In the weeks before he went into rehab, Williams is said to have spent days watching TV or reading about himself on the internet.

Uh oh. I guess that last part makes me an enabler. Do they have rehab for that as well? And if so, I only want to go if it means that I get to go shopping and clubbing after. Otherwise, it just sounds boring.

More photos of Robbie Williams from post-rehab night of clubbing are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jupiter8

    Hey Robbie-if you’re reading this, please no more Sinatra imitations!

  2. Kourtni

    36 double espressos plus 20 Red Bull? Jeezus. Who needs the ‘scripts when he’s high on caffine.

  3. tee

    kinda depressed about it. It looks like a publisty stunt now. Does no one take rehab seriously or is it just another way to go on vacation for these people?

  4. Wow that’s almost 6 grams of caffiene a day… no wonder he was smoking so many fags.


  5. m.a.

    Geez! Give up one bad habit and pick up 3 more. I’m not necessarily saying that coffee, ciggs(well ciggs are), and red bull are horrible habits, but when you drink THIRTY-SIX cups of DOUBLE espresso coffee, TWENTY redbulls, and of course any ciggs aren’t good for you, a DAY?!?!?!?!?! Holy hell! I’d think that would kill you right there.

  6. k

    I wonder who the blonde chick is..
    some model who will sell stories about him in 6 months?
    he needs to hang out with real people
    not these a$$holes who use him all the time.

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