Robbie Williams Is A Sexy Boston Terrier With Hot Legs

June 18th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Seriously, the stumpy legs are doing it for me. As is the Boston Terrier face. I am SO into Robbie Williams. He’s a cheeky lad from the UK, and I would most definitely share my fish and chips with him. Among other things. Here he is playing soccer in Los Angeles. I would think he’s the kind of guy who would ran halfway down the field, and then clutch his chest from the wracking smoker’s cough but I guess he overcomes that. He’s like a goddamn decathlete! He’s “Rudy” for the rehab set!


More photos of Robbie Williams getting his game on after the jump.


By J. Harvey


    Even now..anytime and anyplace. His hotness doesn’t go away, it just changes. Love the pic of him with his hand in his kit. D’ya need help?

  2. stolidog

    Man does like his fags, doesn’t he?
    there’s hope for us yet.

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