Robbie Williams Is Not A “Secret Homosexual”

He’s not an out and proud homosexual, either. Apparently he’s not gay. What confuses me most about Robbie Williams’ lawyers statement is this comment, “Mr. Williams is not and never has been homosexual.” Does that mean that he could still become a homosexual in the future?

British pop star Robbie Williams on Tuesday accepted undisclosed libel damages and apologies from publishers who retracted allegations they had made in newspapers and magazines that he was a secret homosexual. The People newspaper ran a story in 2004 headlined “Robbie’s secret gay lover” shortly before the publication of a biography of the singer by his friend Chris Heath.

According to Williams’ lawyer, Tom Shields, the article suggested the star was “about to deceive the public” over his sexuality in the book “Feel.” People publishers MGN Ltd and magazine publishers Northern & Shell Plc, which ran similar stories, now accepted that none of the allegations was true, Shields said.

“Mr. Williams is not and never has been homosexual,” Shields said in a prepared statement read in open court. “Accordingly, he did not attempt to conceal his true sexuality in the book.”

According to Shields, People newspaper had alleged that in the book Williams had been “pretending” his only sexual relations had been with women and that “in reality he was a homosexual who had engaged in casual and sordid homosexual encounters with strangers.” He added that the newspaper alleged Williams had enticed a stranger into a toilet in a Manchester club where the two men performed sex acts on each other and where Williams asked the stranger to engage in a further sex act. It also said the 31-year-old had another sexual encounter with a stranger in the streets behind the club a year later.

I’m assuming that Tom Cruise is not a “secret homosexual” either then?

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