Robbie Williams Working The Streets Of New York

March 28th, 2005 // 7 Comments

I’ve always found him very sexy. The ascot thing is very British.

The full ensemble.

Photos via Getty Images.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ella

    I too think he is very sexy..MMmmmmm…Who is Robbie Williams, I have never heard of him?

  2. Meaux

    Yummy! Thank you for posting a great pix of the dreamy Robbie Williams. I have had a crush on him since “Take That”.

  3. V

    Robbie is one of the most famous men in England, we have worshipped him here for a good ten years now!

  4. Jess B

    Mmmmmm… Robbbbbbbiieeeeee…. I’ll take two.

  5. Concetta

    He is one fine looking man – and not married to some crazy ex-singer like Beckham. And English too! I love it!

  6. leandra

    cool and interesting looking. i checked out who he is. have listened to some of his songs and read some of his poetry. i think he would be intriguing to chat with. not just thinkin’ bout the hootie here.

  7. han

    hey robbie is sooooooooooooooooo hot. read both his books and gonna c him in leeds in september!!!!!!!!!! yay got gloden circle tickets and goin 2 an after party! hope he shows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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