Robbie Rogers Discusses His ‘Selfish’ Decision To Come Out & Making Positive Changes To ‘Mr. Porter’

Coming Out Story
Remember when Robbie made the decision to come out?
Someday whether or not someone is gay or straight won’t be an issue that crosses anyone’s mind. We’ll all be considered equal, regardless of who we fall in love with.

Until then, we have inspirations like Robbie Rogers who are great examples of progress and change.

As someone who is such a great example, why, oh why, would he refer to his decision to come out as “selfish”?

Some may not consider the response admirable or heroic; however, I, for one, am deeply moved by his decision and viewpoint on the personal matter. When speaking to Mr. Porter, and Dan Rookwood who he once interned for, Rogers provided us with some insight on the situation.

The soccer star bravely shared, “I did it in a selfish way, not to help anyone else or to create a movement in football, but just to get everything out of me and start my life on a fresh page.”

What I’m gathering from this is he didn’t want to become a trailblazer, and he didn’t intend on becoming a role model due to his decision. His reason for finally making the decision to come out was this: he wanted to experience a release from his cage.

Within a few days, he had garnered over 30,000 Twitter followers and received more emails than he could ever possibly read.

After the response, Mr. Rogers realized he could impact others. Contemplating what he could do, he thought, “How can I make some positive change? How am I going to reach young Robbie and tell him to be himself?”

Did you know he thought he would have to quit the sport and loved so much? He ended up retiring…temporarily. He returned to soccer, playing for David Beckham’s former team, the LA Galaxy.

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