Rob Lowe’s Saddening Scandal

April 23rd, 2008 // Leave a Comment

Rob Lowe’s ongoing nanny scandal has prompted him to lament to Entertainment Tonight, “We live in a time where anybody can say anything about anybody.” Now, I know he’s referring to the mass media and his particular dilemma, but taken out of context it kind of sounds like the ol’ guy is lamenting freedom of speech. He described the legal entanglements in which he and his family are engaged with his former nanny as “very sad.”

Meanwhile, here’s Rob looking relaxed with his undone tie slung around his neck and he appears to be accompanied by what looks like someone on the production staff. I like to imagine that the photo of the two of them after the jump was taken during a conversation she was having with him about how big the former nanny told her Rob’s penis was–because I’m clearly the kind of degenerate to which Rob is referring.


More photos of Rob Lowe are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

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