Suing Nanny Got Her Job Through Her Half-Sister


Jessica Gibson, the former nanny for Rob Lowe and his family, first got the job through her half-sister, Jamie. After seven years of working for him, Gibson is now suing Lowe for sexual harassment. Also, Rob is suing her so it’s a sue-party, baby!

The story first broke when Rob blogged about it on The Huffington Post, claiming that Jessica was threatening to make her accusations public if she wasn’t paid $1.5 million.

For her part, Jessica’s half-sister Jamie worked as a nanny for the Lowe family and introduced them to Jessica in 2000. Jamie later became her assistant and quit her job after she married. According to Jim Gibson, father of both women, “She was happy to get out of there. She couldn’t take it anymore. Nothing really bad happened like it did with Jessie, but Jamie was overworked and couldn’t stand it.”

Now, I’m aware that I don’t know all the facts, but why Jamie encourage family to work for people who are such difficult employers? Maybe I’m just biased because Jessica came off like a total religious cult member during her interview on the Today show. Is it just me, or is anyone else bothered by the placement of Gloria Allred’s hands off-screen in that video?