Rob Lowe Getting Sued By Nanny

Rob Lowe came out a couple of weeks back claiming that a former nanny was trying to extort some large sums of cash from him and his wife, and filed a lawsuit against her. Well the nanny, Jessica Gibson, 24 is striking back. She’s hired celebrattorney Gloria Allred and has filed a sexual harassment suit against Lowe.

Gibson claims that Lowe “placed his hands inside her pants” several times, and also grabbed her ass. She also alleges that Lowe’s wife Sheryl walked around naked and discussed her sex life with Lowe in “vulgar terms”.

Lowe’s attorney is combating this by asking why Gibson returned to Lowe’s employ even after these alleged incidents took place.

“I love the children. I needed the job. I thought it would get better, and I was scared,” Gibson says.

You know that the long ago sex tape of Rob diddling the underage girls is going to be brought up. This chick’s lawyer is already putting out DVD copies for the jury and getting it up on YouTube.