Rob Lowe Blogs About Babysitter’s Alleged Extortion

Rob Lowe was informed by his family’s former babysitter that she needed $1.5 million otherwise she would go public with accusations against the actor and his wife.

But the West Wing star certainly isn’t going to stand for what he calls, “an attempt to damage and humiliate not only my wife and me, but our two young sons as well.”

Instead he got to the media first, by writing a blog for The Huffington Post, entitled ‘Household Betrayal,’ which includes examples of how the sitter quickly changed her tune a few weeks after quitting. She worked for the family for seven years.

He wrote, ‘When people make false claims of harassment particularly for financial gain, it must be defended vigorously and openly, for it weakens the claims of legitimate victims.’

Rob also noted in the post that the unnamed woman told a colleague she had a crush on him, voicing her wish that he would get a divorce.

Seems he is as good of a writer as he is an actor — and willing to take a risk rather than pay ‘hush money’ for something he claims never took place.

‘No one intimidates my family,’ he wrote. ‘My wife and I have many former and long term employees, all of whom know this woman, who can and will refute any claims of anything inappropriate in our home, or anywhere else. We will defend ourselves with vigor and without fear.’

Photos: WENN