Rob Kardashian Facing Possible Assault Charges?

The Kardashian’s just can’t stay out of some sort of trouble.

In case you thought Rob Kardashian might be the best of a bad bunch – well think again. The youngest Kardashian went through an ugly split from Rita Ora last winter and it totally send him into a tailspin. Rob gained 40 pounds of fat even though he unloaded a dump truck full of garbage about his ex on Twitter. He caught a glimpse of himself recently and decided to take action. Rob has been doing hard core gym work outs with Gunnar Peterson and on March 27th he was caught off guard in the parking garage shirtless after a rough session.

According to the April 29th print edition of National Enquirer, a female photographer snapped a “money shot” of half-dressed and pudgy Rob and he freaked out. Not only did he steal her memory card but also smacked her in the face. At the time Rob was handcuffed and taken into custody, but released with no charges being filed. Here’s the catch.

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