RNC Chairman Compares President Obama To Costa Concordia Captain

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Mr. President enjoyed a pint with bar patrons in Ireland.
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George Clooney met with President Obama back in 2010.
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The talk show host partied with President Obama.
We don’t do politics too often on SOCIALITE LIFE, but when we find a remark this off color, we must pay attention.

On Sunday’s edition of Face The Nation, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus called President Obama “our own little Captain Schettino,” referring to the Costa Concordia captain who abandoned ship when it ran aground.  Preibus was referring to Obama “jumping ship” as the President of the United States to pay more attention to his reelection campaign.

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele told MSNBC that the comment was “unfortunate.”

Too soon, Priebus…too soon.