Rita Ora Seems To Have Stolen The Hamburglar’s Wardrobe!

Rita's Curves
Rita Ora shows off her body in a super tight dress.
Ronald McDonald’s hamburger stealin’ pal was last spotted gracing the streets of London, Monday Afternoon!

Oh, wait… Sorry, this is embarrassing. Unfortunately, this get-up doesn’t belong to the Hamburglar; it’s actually being donned by the British badass Rita Ora herself.

As if the first matching shirt and pant suit wasn’t good enough, she was seen the morning after at Heathrow airport in a look inspired by an interesting fashion mash-up between The Flintstones and Scooby Doo.


Rita Ora always cruises to the beat of her own song (seriously), but I don’t know what exactly was going on when she decided to wear her orange and black striped crop top with the matching A-line high-waters…

I will say though, I don’t mind the Stella McCartney cowl-neck top and matching tapered pant. It’s definitely different, but she rocks it with her cat-eyed sunnies and calf-length black, suede boots!