Rita Ora In Missoni: Celebrity Retail Value

Rita's Curves
Rita Ora shows off her body in a super tight dress.
Here’s what we’ve learned about Rita Ora: she is not afraid of putting together some crazy outfits.

Rita was spotted in London yesterday (May 1) dashing out of her car in her incredibly colorful outfit. From the looks of Twitter, she had quite a good day in her funky outfit.

Rita sported a $1,160 Missoni crochet dress, a $370 Joyrich x Dee & Ricky fall 2012 jacket, what looks to be a $4,500 Boy Chanel flap bag, a pair of $70 Superga 2750 Cotu classic and–because every outfit needs it–a pair of fishnets. 

So, like with most things that Rita Ora wears, I am just not digging this outfit. I almost prefer her weird, knee high Chanel boots from the day before. I gotta say though, when she goes shopping, that girl goes SHOPPING. There is an awful lot of money being spent here.

In fact, the retail value of Rita’s outfit is $6,100. So here’s the real question, think her outfit is remotely worth that price? Let us know what you think in the poll below!