Rita Ora: Fashion Do Or Fashion Don’t?

Rita's Curves
Rita Ora shows off her body in a super tight dress.
So, this is Rita Ora’s idea of a fashionable spring outfit in London.

The pop-star was spotted doing some shopping in the city in her bizarre ensemble. Rita sported a knit and striped red, white and navy sweater, a pleated skirt that looks to made out of some pleather material, knee-high suede boots, her favorite Chanel Lego purse and–because all of that wasn’t enough–a hat that makes her look like she has cat ears.

So, just in case you can’t tell, I am not a fan of this outfit. I just…I don’t get Rita Ora. Like, is she trying to be stylish? 

Honestly, in all the time she’s been in the public eye I think I’ve liked one of her outfits. There’s just always so much going on. Like that sweater could have been so cute with skinny jeans. Or maybe that skirt with a fitted top. But she should just throw that cat hat away.


Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Rita’s bizarre outfit. Alright folks, here’s your chance to tell us if you think Rita’s ensemble is a Fashion Do or a Fashion Don’t. Vote in our poll below!