Rita Ora & Cara Delevingne Enjoy A Night Of Partying In Some Interesting Fashion

Cara Shoots In London
Cara Delevingne poses photo fashion shoot.
Celebrity BFF alert! Check out singer Rita Ora and model Cara Delevingne partying it up in London!

Rita and Cara went 80s for a themed party at London’s Box Club to celebrate the birthday of PR person, Fran Cutler. They might be young, but that doesn’t mean Rita and Cara didn’t get to party with the best in the fashion world like Kate Moss and Stella McCartney.

Cara decided to show off her taunt belly–that had some weird white spots on it–in a Tokyo crop top that she paired with a blue jacket and beanie. She has got a crazy good body. No wonder Karl Lagerfeld loves her. Umm, sooo, what’s Rita wearing? 

The British songstress sported a white dress, which was fine, but we’re more focused on the clear trench coat and Chanel, knee high white boots. I mean, sure they’re Chanel, but is it really necessary to wear boots that look like that? Rita also showed off her Chanel, Lego-esque clutch. Fun fact, that purse cost $9,900. Just sayin’.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Cara and Rita’s girls night out. What do you think of their “80s” fashion? Personally, it doesn’t look too 80s in my book, but that could be because neither Rita nor Cara was born in the 80s. They’re 90s babies. Yup, let that make you feel old for a second.