Rima Fakih Is Crowned Second Arab-American Miss USA, Stripper Photos Already Arrive

That was quick. Rima Fakih was just crowned Miss USA last night and I was about to say that she’s getting all this press now because she was born in Lebanon, but wait until the  scandalous photos emerge. In the middle of my sentence I came across these.

Let’s call this what it is. Round one.

Rima previously held another win at a Stripper 101 pole dancing champion.  Not a big surprise after the pageant’s booby photo promotion. These pictures were probably submitted in her application.

Fakih is not the first Arab-American to be crowned (Julie Hayek
was Miss USA 1983 and had a Lebanese father, but damn if she didn’t
look like your
average Southern gal
. Rima might be the first not to be born in the US and be a practicing Muslim, though.) During the interview portion of the pageant, Fakih was asked if birth control should be paid for by health insurance and she answered “I believe that birth control is just like every other medication, even though it’s a controlled substance.” Not just a pretty face (and wide spread legs), this girl.