Rima Fakih Can Read And Recite Numbers

Rima Fakih shows off her second best skill, reading cue cards on David Letterman last night. Good to know that crown really stands for something.

When Rima, who hit up the morning shows today in a multi-colored dress, walked on stage, Dave chatted her up about Michigan and the auto industry and she threw out “I have heard that since April there have been an increase of about 35,000 jobs.” Relax, honey, it’s over. You got the crown. And yes, we believe you are both hot and have big brains so feel free to watch Jersey Shore and twirl your hair with like the rest of us (me. sorry mom).

One of those two things got to Dave, because he just started giggling after she said number 8 “I am going to all 50 states rasslin’ gators” and when he got to number 6 he held up four fingers.

I don’t what number one is because I got to four and now I’m headed to hunt down a Mountain Dew, chalupas and fried egg sandwich. Why don’t they feed me here?

Check out the video after the jump and let me know.