Rihnana’s Not Ready To Date Again

Even though the relationship has ended, Rihanna constantly finds herself thinking about her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. In a radio interview, the pop star confessed, “I’ve gotten over it, but there are definitely constant reminders…songs that were our favorite songs, or hit songs.” She adds, “When [his music] comes on the radio, I don’t…turn it off. I like his music.”

The Barbadian singer also debunked the rumor that she’s currently dating 90210 cutie, Tristan Wilds, explaining that their contact has been limited to a recent house party to which the actor showed up.

To the question of whether or not she’s ready to date again, Ri-Ri said, “No. I’m a very flirty girl, though. I don’t think I have all the time for a commitment right now, or the energy. A relationship is another life, another career, really.” She barely has time to put on those complicated outfits she wears, much less focus on a boyfriend.

Gallery Info: Rihanna leaves Miami International Airport shortly after performing at the unveiling of Royal Carribbean’s largest cruise liner, Oasis of the Seas.