Rihanna’s Rib Cage Packs Heat, Bangs

Rihanna — who in case you missed it, has been in the news as of late for a little physical altercation with some guy named Chris Brown — decided to get a gun tattoo on her rib cage.

While we guess it’s better than a blood, dripping iron fist, having anything inked on her body promoting violence seems a bit, er, how do we put this, preposterous. But we shouldn’t judge. Perhaps she’s feeling a little vulnerable and wants a weapon of mass destruction for protection next time she finds her head on a dashboard after checking some dude’s texts.

Anyway, according to UsWeekly Los Angeles-based tattoo artist BangBang (get it?!) originally sketched the guns on her upper arms, but Rihanna was worried this may piss off Cover Girl, who she signed her as a model, so she opted for the rib cage instead.

Well, maybe BangBang can sketch them on her arms once again when she and Chris shoot the video for that sympathetic domestic violence love song. It will be ironic

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: Rihanna and her gun tattoos