Rihanna’s ‘Good Morning America’ Wardrobe Malfunction

ABC was so concerned about Adam Lambert’s potential for controversy in a scheduled Good Morning America performance that the whole thing was scrapped. Meanwhile, Rihanna performed live this morning on the talk show and nearly did so without the necessary clothing.

The singer, who revealed plenty of skin at the American Music Awards, had planned to step out in a particular dress, but the singer explained on stage to Robin Roberts that a wardrobe malfunction delayed her performance. Ri-Ri laughed, “I’m a little too fat right now, my dress…the zip busted in the back. They’re like, ‘A minute to live,’ I’m like, ‘Oh my god!’ They wanted to stitch it up, but I couldn’t.”

However, she didn’t fully explain why it is that she ended up hitting the stage without pants. Unless, I’m supposed to believe that’s a complete outfit. But I guess that if I had legs like that, I’d be showing them off too.

Gallery Info: Rihanna performs on ABC’s Good Morning America in Times Square in Manhattan, New York.