Rihanna’s Crizazy Photo Shoot

December 23rd, 2009 // 2 Comments

Don’t look behind you, girl!  Stay calm!  That Baby Puss never stays in the yard.

Dailymail reported on Rihanna’s latest photo shoot to promote her current album, Rated R, and it’s a wild one!  The least of which was the presence of this cougar.

Apparently, it started to get a little naughty on set (read: nekkid) and someone needed to intervene.

“It’s very sexy. At one point L.A. Reid came into the shoot and he was like, ‘Rihanna, put some f******* clothes on.”

It’s about time someone said it.  I think Rihanna is great: talented, beautiful, hardworking, edgy.  So why is this bitch naked all the time?  As a woman (and a staunch feminist), I can’t stand to see a girl play herself, and honestly, nudity on this level stinks of desperation.  She already has our attention with her music, why also try so hard to be a sex symbol?

Alright, I know that no one cares about my opinion, so I’ll shut up!  Except to say that I disagree with the use of animals in photo shoots because it’s cruel.  Did I mention I’m an animal activist too?  I’m complicated, dammit!

Gallery Info: Rihanna fully dressed while shopping and posing with fans at Sak’s Fifth Ave. in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. Steph

    why would a woman and feminist ever call someone a bitch?

  2. adsads

    Why not?

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