Rihanna’s Red Hair Blows This Kid’s Mind!

Rihanna turned herself around in a cool 24 hours from attending a funeral in Barbados to lighting the Christmas lights in London’s Westfield Centre today, wearing a bright red skirt and headscarf with a grey bustier top.

The 22-year-old was joined by a group of children from the Help A London Child charity as she counted down to illuminate the shopping centre, before performing for 100 lucky fans.

While her new album Loud is out on November 16, she revealed that she is working with her BFF Katy Perry!  ”We’re actually working on some music together – hell yeah. I would love to tour with Katy. She’s a rock star. And when I see her live, she just brings such a fun vibe, like a colourful rock star.”

It seems like no harm done after missing Perry’s wedding in October!