Rihanna’s Lesbian Lover Comes Forward?

It seems that a woman is coming forward in her book that she had a lesbian affair with Rihanna. Natasha ‘Tajah’ Burton is claiming to have had a relationship with a ‘Barbadian female pop/R&B artist.’ Well, if that’s not Rihanna, I don’t know who the hell it could be.

And even better, this hookup happened during the Chris Brown years…

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“I wasn’t over my ex, but talking to her helped. She was beautiful. She wore her hair short with blonde highlights, and her style was creative. I wasn’t sure I could take her serious, so I took it one day at a time. We instantly had a connection. I could listen to her for hours, discuss media, music and fashion. She would open up to me … converse with her manager in front of me, jumping on conference calls about her new project that involved her doing a soundtrack for a feature film.”

I mean, I’m not surprised really…Rihanna seems like she’d do some freaky things. So far she hasn’t commented about the lesbian allegations and probably won’t. What do you think? True or not true?