Rihanna’s Inappropriate Necklace [Obvious Observations]

November 14th, 2010 // 36 Comments

Rihanna wears a “Fuck You” necklace as she poses with a group of children outside her New York hotel. The R&B singer was on her way to Da Silvano’s restaurant for her dinner.

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I wonder if she remembered that she was even wearing the necklace when she posed?

By Miu von Furstenberg

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  2. bon a

    ignorant and without class, she needs to go work at walmart

    • mims

      Don’t insult the poor Walmart employees. They don’t make much money, b ut most are really nice, hardworking and moral….would not dream of wearing such a crass piece of garbage around their necks.

    • f u

      you’re ignorant for that comment, i bet you’re at a dead end job aren’t you?

    • Hootie

      Absolutely I agree! How can she wear that around kids????????

  3. Bajan gal

    I am a Bajan like Rihanna and to think she was made a cultural ambassador for our country, she has bought into the smut and low life of the others, NO class, never had any, having money does not buy class wonder if she knows how to order a bottle of good wine or eat with a knife and fork

  4. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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    This is why I refuse to buy any CDs from her. It’s hard for me to respect her when she struts around wearing this kind of necklace especially around young children who look up to her. I feel she has more growing up to do.

  5. Missj

    k, i’m not trying to defend her or anything, but my thoughts are if she was just heading to dinner and happend to run into this group of kids so what. it’s not like she planned on running into all of them. she could have tucked it in her shirt though if she had remembered.

    • TONY DEE




  6. eddie gordon

    Being a star like she is, she should always be aware of her surrounding, especially since she has such a wide variety fan base.

  7. Marsha Stapleton

    What happened to the law against obscene language? I know they dig up a few supposedly obsolete laws from time to time. Class is something that doesn’t change. You have it or you don’t. Guess what! Rihanna cannot spell that word.

  8. FreakyFresh

    Being 15, this to me is so scandalous. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone in high school or middle school ever say those Satanist words. Now I’m being serious, Kids start swearing at the age of 10 nowadays. Politicians, doctors, your in-laws, everyone swears. Just another comical article. When Parents swear around their children and it’s in the media everyday, they/we start swearing…If anything, these girls will be scarred until they are out of the Justin Bieber stage.

  9. pia


  10. Amelia

    Seriously, why do any of you give a crap about this? Have lives much?

  11. rene perez

    just goes to show ya … the use and abusive nature of these so called stars ae just showing off their intelligence…. typical …. no resect for the fans nor for themselves… selfish very selfish

  12. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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  13. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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  14. napl

    how do you spell douchbag? these “stars” live in fantasy world..by the way all the songs i hear from here all sound the same… only different words..do not like her music…very large forehead? should be sign of bigger brain and more to work with?

  15. Keith

    This is pathetic! What a loser!

  16. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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    So she’s leaving her hotel on her way to dinner and stumbles upon some fans and is nice enough to take pics with them?

    She wasn’t planning this, she probably forgot she had the necklace on and with kids these days…F*** You is the LEAST of our worries.

    They make it seem as if she made a special visit to a Children’s Hospital and wore this on purpose!

  17. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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    Fuck that Bitch, She fuck like her fuck ass means nothing, she suck dick………..

  18. louisville lady

    no class

  19. Renee Karekel

    Not sure you understand class, but if not, we do have plenty of jobs as Walmart greeters, that let’s face it, will not allow you much class. Maybe she should take her money hunger, foul mouth, no talent ,abuse taking, ass back to where she came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as talent, NOT SEEING IT!!!!!!!!!!

  20. J.E.B.

    That’s a nice thing to be sporting in front of impressionable children. You need a “re-botamy”; they need to put brain BACK into your head!

  21. Carrie

    I should be shocked..but I’m not. Don’t like her music, never have. She can’t carry a tune…such an annoying voice! Monotone…drag…whine…nails on a chalk board. Everything about her is just a billboard for bad kharma. Maybe she’ll do us all a favor and fall of the face of the earth! I’d smack her around too.

  22. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
    don keller
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    This is a young lady with no class, obviously.

  23. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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    Wow, what a class act! That necklace is inappropriate no matter WHERE she was headed. This shows just how disrespectful today’s young entertainment community is toward their fans and their fellow (wo)man.. Nasty!

  24. kevin d.

    so what? She can wear it if she wants. PLease take kare or your own busines, not rihannas.b Youre just waisting time. Rihanna is a yung woman dont diss her!

  25. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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    Thats the problem with youth these days, some people feel like “big deal its nothing to worry about compared to other things” It all starts with the acceptance of the little things. Before you know it the abnormal becomes normal. THAT is what is wrong the the world today.

  26. Kay

    People, they are words. Those kids have heard them before.

  27. jessy

    yeah, let her live and do what she wants! she is so lovely young women <3 keep going honey rihanna

  28. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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    What a great example for those kids…NOT

  29. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
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    That little kid is looking right at it! She has a responsibility to her fans to keep up an image for all age groups, since she attracts fans from young to old. Another classless celebrity…and I thought differently about her just a few moments ago!

  30. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
    Isaac v.
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    I think we got ourselves a little racial issue here….

    Lighten her skin tone and give her blonde hair, and now we got ourselves a blonde diva with just a bit of attitude. Just the fact that she’s African American woman gives you all the impression and stereotypical picture of a “hood” and “ghetto” girl. Really, think about it other celebs do worst and you ignorants still manage to let it slip by.

  31. Rihanna necklace fuck you children posing paparazzi
    A person
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