Rihanna’s Dad Feels Sorry For Chris Brown

It’s no wonder that Rihanna and her father don’t have the best relationship. And you know how I can tell? Because he seems to be talking to the press any chance he gets – it’s so Michael Lohan.

In addition to shelling out childhood photos of her, the British tabloid The Sun found Rihanna’s pappy in her old town where he was apparently selling clothes (his designs) from the back of a car. They asked him about Chris Brown between his rantings and he said:

“It was really tough seeing the pictures of her beaten up. But I have forgiven him. He has lost so much from one stupid mistake. So me making him feel even worse makes no sense. I feel sorry for him now.”

Oh my…

“She used to sell stuff on the side of the street like I did. She’d come outside of the store and put up a rack and sell hats and belts and scarves. She would also buy sweets, put them in packages and take them to school to sell to her friends for a profit,” he added.

“These celebrities live in a different world. They get whatever they want given to them on a plate. But Robyn’s not like that – she still likes her chicken and boiled eggs.”

As for her talent, he said she has it in spades and that’s why “she didn’t have to get no fake boobs or nothing.”