Rihanna Will Testify In Chris Brown Trial In June

May 28th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Next month, pop star Rihanna is scheduled to appear in court to take the stand against her former boyfriend Chris Brown in his felony assault case. Her lawyer, Donald Etra, told E! that his client would be receiving a witness subpoena and, “She will definitely comply.”

Rihanna will be testifying during a preliminary hearing and by doing so, will find herself face-to-face with Brown, who recently told his fans in a video blog that he is not “a monster.”

As for Chris, his defense has argued that the leaking of a photo of a bruised and battered Rihanna will spoil any efforts to find an untainted jury pool. However, a judge shot down the argument, telling Brown’s team, “The allegation is that some civilian or officer got the photo to TMZ. Did it impact the arrest of your client on that date? I think not.”

Gallery Info: Rihanna and Chris Brown at the Palais Malliot club in Paris in December 2008.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lisa

    I think Chris totally got a bad rap ri ri needs to learn to keep her hands to her self as well, one day she may run into someone more fierce than Mr. Brown that will dis figure her the reports stated that she was hitting him while he was driving so he lashed back in self defense how much can a person take? And this isnt her first time maybe they both need anger management and an order of protection from eachother!

  2. MS KAY

    This is the first honest, sane, true and not one sided comment I have read in regards to this case since it began. Big ups 2 Lisa for keepin it real and not just throwing fault at Chris.

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