Rihanna Takes Chris Brown Break, Car Pulled Over By Police

One step forward, two steps back. Or something like that.

Rihanna — probably attempting to strip away some of the drama in her life — took a little breather from Chris Brown last week, the two were briefly on separate coasts.

She hung with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Brandy in New York City while he reportedly worked on a new album in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, as soon as RiRi returned to Los Angeles, so did the club hopping, camera snapping, escape car jetting and police ticketing.

After a night at Bar Delux, Rihanna’s driver attempted to swoop the singer away from the paparazzi as quickly as possible but ran a red light in the process.


Check out the video of cops giving Rihanna’s driver a ticket for speeding and not displaying a number plate. However, we think he just wanted to catch a glimpse of RiRi.

Check out the video of Rihanna’s car getting pulled over by the police by clicking the continue reading link below.

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