Rihanna Sued, Neighbors Come To Her Defense

Pop star Rihanna has got more legal woes and believe it or not, it’s not related to her ill-fated relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Her neighbor, Christian Moeller, is suing the Barbados native.

Moeller lives next door to a home rented by the singer and has filed a lawsuit claiming that the 21-year-old has allowed both cars and people to trespass his property.

Coming to her defense, however, are Rihanna’s other neighbors. One resident told RadarOnline, “She is a good neighbor.” Another added, “Several years ago it had squatters living there and it became a real party house with people coming from all over Los Angeles. But after they were kicked out it became really quiet again and Rihanna hasn’t caused any real problems.”

Meanwhile, if Rihanna’s concerned, she certainly doesn’t show it in her futuristic outfit, complete with flawless bright red lipstick and lacquered nails.

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