Rihanna Still Getting Crap For Misspelled Tattoo

Rihanna is still in the hot seat after the misspelling of yet another tattoo. What was supposed to be a French limerick that said, “Rebellious Flower” turned out to be a reverse on the adjective and the noun. Whatever. Basically someone didn’t do enough research again before inking their skin. Nothing new there. Last time it was a tattoo in Sanskrit that said “Holy Gita” being misspelled.

According to OK Magazine, Rihanna has been waiting for the backlash and teasing that comes with new crappy tattoos. Seen here dinner at Phillipe Chow on August 13th New York City, she claims that her neck tattoo “Rebelle Fleur” could be two nouns “rebel’ and “flower” therefore still following the French grammar rules. It doesn’t seem like that big of a screw up. I mean two nouns, a noun and an adjective, who cares.

Either way Rihanna is still kicking ass and taking names. She is now tied with Mariah, Beyonce and Gaga for most number one hits. I’m sure she will get over this debacle, keep getting inked and making loads of money.