Rihanna Smooching ‘Degrassi’ Actor Aubry ‘Drake’ Graham?

May 21st, 2009 // 11 Comments

The status of Rihanna‘s relationship with singer Chris Brown has remained unclear after his alleged attack on her. But a recent sighting of Rihanna on Monday night in NYC makes it appear as if she’s moving on with a new man.

At the Lucky Strikes Lanes & Lounge, Ri-Ri joined about 20 friends for an evening of bowling and drinks. Throughout the course of the evening, she and up-and-coming hip-hop star Aubrey “Drake” Graham “were stealing kisses here and there the whole night,” a source tells People.

In addition to his acting work on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Aubrey also goes by the moniker of “Drake” as a hip-hop artist. He’s based in Toronto and works under the tutelage of Lil Wayne.

The snitch added, “Both of them were in really good spirits [and] she was having a great time.” At the end of the evening, Rihanna and Graham left together. Well, that might explain why she’s looking so happy lately.

Gallery Info: Rihanna
at the Antonio “L.A.” Reid-hosted Island Def Jam’s Spring Collection with Aubrey “Drake” Graham on her mind.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. stick a fork in it...

    as facinating as RiRi’s dating habits are (*yawn*), I’m more amused that the Degrassi kid is now a “rapper”. Anyone who DOESN’T think rap/hip-hop has sold out and/or is dead, please read this story. Whatevs on the name change kid cause something tells me “Aubrey” from the mean streets of Toronto just doesn’t have the street cred it might take to be a successful rapper. Its officially dead.

  2. Morgan

    Haha, I for one am still shocked that little Jimmy from degrassi is now a hard core rapper. Ha, but Rihanna and Drake? Whoa; well IF its true Ri-Ri sure is making her way through hollywood quick.

  3. Real Deal

    Im surprised too. But Drake never claimed to be a hard core rapper, He is a real rapper, rappin about real things, not gangsta ish.. his lyrics and metaphors are tight. Reminescent to like a tribe called quest and de la soul tip. Listen to his lyrics and you can tell for yourself. People make the wrong assumption that all rappers are hard core or gangster…He is just being himself. And even to that how do you know that he doesn’t have street cred. Are you from Toronto, or do you know this person personally. Just a bunch of haters… The only thing that Drake ever claimed was to be the next fresh prince. Any way aside from all that, I think that Rihanna is very hot and Drake apparently is the lucky guy to be hanging and making out with this beautiful talented singer (Hollywood)

  4. BRii

    well as yall bumsz can see drake is a great rapper im juss madd he with that bum asz bitch rihanna.!

    stop hatin and let dha man do his thing; howw yall judgin himm and yall aint no bettah.!

    shut the fuck up and leave drizzy alonee.

    As forr Rihanna she need to grow up and leave drake to his rappin cause herr music crap is already goin down the drake.

  5. presh

    Yea I agree with real deal. Every rapper doesn’t have to be “hard core” over the years people have sterotyped that to be all rappers and all that hiphop is about but that’s wrong. When rap originated with jam master jay, biz marques, dj cool herc, quest, etc rap wasn’t about violence. It was about having fun and get ur boogie on. Rap developed in to this violent thing it is to day and thus is why older folk say that rap/hiphop is dead bcuz its not what it use to be. Its not the cool, dope music they use to jam to.

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  11. nii-nii

    Idk if its tru or not but if it is then rihanna is one lucky bit** cuz drake if FINE!

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