Rihanna Shows Off Her ‘Loud’ Album Cover

Remember when you’d have to wait to see an artist’s album cover on giant billboards or on posters at Tower Records?  Nowadays, nothing is kept a secret for long, thanks to Twitter and Facebook.  Rihanna took to the microblog today to reveal a part of her new album cover for Loud, out November 16th.  According to MTV.com, the pop singer continuously put up different parts of the album image on her Facebook page.  Finally, she posted the full album cover on her website.

When faced with the finished product, we see red lips, red hair and a porcelain complexion.  Nothing to get hopped up about, but it does remind me that I need a facial.  Rihanna premiered the first single off Loud, “Only Girl (In The World) on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show earlier this month.  It’s pretty good and standard of what we’d expect from Rihanna, who was spotted yesterday leaving Da Silvano in NYC.