Rihanna Rebounds With Wilmer Valderrama?

Oh, lord.

The Mirror is reporting that last Wednesday Rihanna was feeling the heat with Wilmer Valderrama of all people. Why, RiRi, why?

Wilmer was hosting some karaoke night at Hollywood’s Geisha House and Rihanna waltzed in looking “so pretty” that Wilmer’s young lady womanizing gene was immediately activated and set into high gear.

“They were chatting and laughing for ages. They looked pretty cosy and
relaxed in each other’s company. Wilmer was all charm and even had a
bottle of champagne for Rihanna.”

All charm? Champagne? Ugh. Next they’re going to mention the three open buttons and gold chain twinkling in his chest hair. Something about Wilmer is just skeezy.

However, Rihanna just turned 21. She’s getting a little old for Wilmer. He’s normally a strictly just graduated high school kind of guy. Shoot, Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore and Ashlee Simpson climbed that mountain years and years ago. One is now a lesbian and the rest are married and/or with children.

Let’s hope this is a casual encounter that fizzles and fades without any further mention. We can forget if she can.

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