Rihanna Praises Working With Eminem

Rihanna and Eminem seem like an unlikely combo, but the two worked together amazingly according to Rihanna on their new duet “Love the Way You Lie.”

“I love Eminem,” the singer said. “They reached out to us directly and they just said, ‘We have this song
and we just think Rihanna would be perfect to sing. And, of course, I was like, ‘OK, if I love it, I’ll definitely do it.’ And I love the song.” Watch the interview after the jump.

Eminem is staging major comeback while Rihanna’s star continues to rise, making for an ultimate collaboration of major talent.

“It’s really beautiful, and it really stands out,” Rihanna said about the song. She was pictured out with supposed boyfriend Matt Kemp in L.A. last night.  

Eminem will perform with Jay-Z in their hometowns of L.A. and NY, and there’s speculation Ri-Ri might be involved too! She surprised everyone by performing “Love The Way You Lie” with Eminem during his six-song concert last week. 

Rihanna talks about working with Eminem and volunteering with Rockcorps in Israel from The Good Friend Network on Vimeo.