Rihanna Pops Chris Brown’s Zit

August 4th, 2008 // 17 Comments

That’s true love.

Click any photo to view all the photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown in the gallery!

That’s true love.

Click any photo to view all the photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown in the gallery!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jasah

    Um, gross.

  2. stolidog

    I believe mr. brown has dropped trau in one of those pictures. nice cakes.

  3. 2 Old 4 This

    geez – who tooke these photos – the Dark Knight?

    Seriously, where was this pap hangin from?

  4. Greenbutterfly

    I am surprised to see this.She should know that the number one mistake for the face is to pick and pop at pimples ! Shame on you Rhi Rhi! I still ADORE you both.FOREVER

  5. The Truth

    I think Mr. Brown is tapping that @ss already. I wish I was him.

  6. Stefan

    That’s what girlfriends do, whether you like it or not. It’s genetical, methinks.

  7. stephanie

    hey your,
    looking good and sexy love it

  8. chisom

    i want to play spider man game on line.

  9. sera


  10. Look at that ASS

    I love Rihanna, so no I”m not hating on her. I would go as far as saying she’s the best looking girl on the scene right now, BUTTT….

    Click the lower left pic… my Gawd! what a bad shot of her ass… whoa!

  11. richard

    yea, he’s definitely hitting that shit

  12. ken

    you are so cool. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online club interracial chatting . c o m , by which you are seeking a sexy girl for extramarital relationship.

  13. ILGR

    Don’t you know that popping pimples on the face is a big no, no,? If you didn’t know that, than your Assistant should have told you.

  14. Jocelyn

    ewwwww why would they do that. gross!!

  15. darky

    no matter what people say you all are happy together and that is what matter.you go girl hold on to that man

  16. Smiley

    No, that has nothing to do with true love. People from the West Indies do that all the time and we see nothing wrong with it. It a way of showing that we care enough about someone to help them out.

  17. Smiley

    Excuse my error. It submitted before I could correct it.

    “It’s a way of showing that we care”


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