Rihanna Makes More Money In An Hour Than A Hooker With A Trick Jaw

May 10th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

I’m guessing.

Rihanna was in Liverpool to perform at the echo arena and she took an offer from Club Bamboo to show up on Sunday (May 9). For $45,000. Some people would have to pay that to hang out in a swanky VIP area (or send their kids to college), but that’s how one of Maxim‘s top hotties hangs. On top of that she only stayed for an hour, probably how long it takes to certify a check, before she hopped on her tour bus and headed for London for her next gig.

All that money in an hour and and the clothes stay on. That probably would have cost extra. Public

stroking comes free with the price of admission, though.

By Madison Ventura

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