Rihanna & Jay-Z Meet Dine Out While Chris Brown’s In Court

Sporting her customary sunglasses to shield her eyes from the paparazzi, Rihanna did her best to squeeze past the swarm of photographers gathered outside of Los Angeles restaurant Katsuya, where the pop star met up with musical mentor Jay-Z.

While she socialized with her buddy, discussing perfume and music over sushi, her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is hustling in court to try and come up with a defense against his charges of beating and choking the pop star.

At the moment, Brown’s defense attorneys appear to be focusing on the leaked photo of a battered and bruised Rihanna, looking into possible police misconduct. An internal investigation is currently taking place at the LAPD on the matter.

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meets up with Jay-Z for dinner at Katsuya. (Gallery updated with more images of Rihanna)