Rihanna Is A Rebellious Flower

After just coming out with a new music video for “Love the Way You Lie,” Rihanna is now adding to her tattoo collection. Rihanna, seen here in NYC grabbing Italian food and then heading over to a tattoo parlor on August 10, 2010.
Rihanna is known to make a statement with her tattoos and she is now expressing herself with another. She recently inked the words “rebelle fleur” on her neck. That means “rebellious flower” in French and is very confident in Rihanna like fashion. 
The “Love the Way You Lie” video features both Rihanna and Eminem and it is definitely something to check out. The subject matter hits close to home for everyone involved on the shoot, even Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan
It will be interesting to see if it is a hair style change or another tattoo for Rihanna. But thankfully fans do not have to wait for music, she is currently performing in concert. She is heading to Madison Square Garden on Thursday.