Rihanna Has Female Security Guard, Hangs With Brody Jenner

It would appear Rihanna’s got her groove back, baby. After that little, under-the-radar altercation last month, she’s been out and about mixing with all sorts of questionable — although peaceful, and seemingly non-violent — C-listers.

We promised to forget about Wilmer Valderamma if she did (thank you, RiRi) but now we get word she’s “smiling and flirtng” with none other than Bromance extraordinaire Brody Jenner.

Brody Jenner?! Yeah, we don’t know what in God’s name you would talk about with that guy either. Oh to be a fly on that cocktail glass! Keep ‘em coming, waiter.

Page Six is also reporting Rihanna has a blond, female body guard. Really? Unless she’s the butchest butch that ever butched with the trenchcoat of turbo-charged tasers, you’d think RiRi would request the scariest, Godzilla-looking beast of man out there.

We know she’s packing mad heat now. But still.

“She was there having dinner. Her blond, female security guard was there
the whole time,” said our spy. “Every time Rihanna would go to the
bathroom, the guard would go with her. Every time someone came to the
table, the bodyguard would stand up. She was like a female James Bond.”

Female James Bond and a bathroom buddy? Well, guess when you put it that way…

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(video via Hollywood.TV)