Rihanna Explains ‘Rated R’ & Signs Copies For Fans

Although pop star, Rihanna isn’t prepared to enter the singles market just yet, she is ready to talk about the aftermath of her ended relationship with Chris Brown and its effect on her most recent album, Rated R.

The singer explains, “This album is an expression of all those feelings that I went through in the last eight months, just different emotions.” She adds, “All of it isn’t angry, all of it isn’t dark and sad, ’cause I didn’t go through that the whole time. That was part of it. It was really a roller coaster, and you get that when you’re listening to the album.”

At the Best Buy at Union Square in New York City, Rihanna signed copies of her new album for eager fans. Dressed in a sleek, strapless black ensemble, the pop star gave a kiss on the cheek to six-year-old Jasmina Arena. The young fan is suffering from leukemia, but braved the crowd to meet with Ri-Ri for the big event.

Gallery Info: Rihanna autographs copies of her new album, Rated R, at Best Buy at Union Square in New York City.