Rihanna Does Italian ‘Vogue,’ Loves Denim

August 28th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Always trying to push the fashion envelope, it’s no wonder that pop star Rihanna has landed herself the cover of the couture supplement for the September issue of Italian Vogue.

The Barbados native poses in an avant-garde, Valentino dress, complete with metallic elements and severe make-up, conjuring up the image of Grace Jones.

But even when she’s not posing for photoshoots, Rihanna’s still doing her best to be fashion-forward, as you can see in pictures of the singer leaving Da Silvano restaurant after having lunch there. Denim is the word, apparently.

Gallery Info: Rihanna leaves Da Silvano restaurant after having some lunch.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Fucking disgusted

    Oh God damn, I am so tired of seeing this big-nosed, abused, non-singing bitch.

    Either put out a new single/album or sit the hell down.

    I can’t believe all people have to do these days is dress “different” and they are considered a celebrity. Fucking ridic.

    I’m 25 but feel as though my generation sucks and I feel hugely detached from women my age. I rather listen to the music of the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. Where their was no autotune, no smoke and mirrors, no, “Oh look at me, I have nude pics/sex tape… oopsie me! Buy my perfume/album/watch my dumb ass reality show with me doing NOTHING”… just pure TALENT. Ugh.

  2. Jason

    Don’t you mean “fucking jealous”?FACT : at her young age,Rihanna has achieved much more than you’ll achieve in your entire life.You might think we’ve failed as a generation but pop culture is not static,its fluid,everchanging.

  3. missy

    But she does have a new single out, ‘Run This Town’…

    She has a cute button nose!

  4. Jenny from the Blog

    I’m with F.D. on this one. I’m not sold on her “talent”, either. I’m not quite sure what she’s achieved–sold a few million units of pop albums, and what else? She’s a publicity wh*re, and I’m sick of her as well. There are a ton of young men and women out there who have more talent and much less gimmick than this one has.

  5. mel

    agree with FD and Jenny!
    so tired of her. annoying and ungrateful.

  6. Vidal

    Grace Jones my ass! Ri-whatever, has sausage thighs hidden under that dress. Grace Jones’ body was flawless and she would rarely pose for such a sexless cover. People really need to put more care into their comparisons.

  7. el polacko

    hey, riri ! doing bad grace jones impersonations is lady caca’s shtick !

  8. el polacko

    hey riri ! doing bad grace jones impersonations is lady caca’s shtick.

  9. q3delemo

    you guys all of you proved that your loser ok stop hating she looks awsom she is the only one who can do this garce jhones thing and when jer new fucking kick ass album comes out you will be buying this so called gimmek ‘s album 4 more sucses

  10. NiKKiCHiTRAA `

    Omq some of you quys sound so stupid. Shes really qudd at her music & Yes she can sing so qo qet your fucking ears checked fucknn losers like how do u come on here writing retarded ass shit like that & for the 1 dhat fuckn 3O/25 go sumwhere if u dnt like her dnt fucn talk shit . Smh dumbass ! Shes hella gudd !

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